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every decision we make is rooted in sustainability.

DOMA coffee lab

A couple of years ago we decided to remodel the cave and create this fantastically beautiful space we call the Coffee Lab. Part coffee bar, part coffee and tea accessories mecca. All awesome. Whether you are after a great cup of coffee or tea, brewing devices or a bag of coffee, this is the place. Need advice, we’ve got you covered.

coffee & tea classes

Looking to step up your coffee and tea game? Impress your friends and family? We can help. Check out our monthly calendar where we teach everything from espresso and milk preparation, brewing better coffee at home to cupping and sourcing coffee.

the goods

We’ve got exactly what you need in the Coffee Lab. Fresh roasted coffee, Rishi Tea, Cups from Joco, Keep Cup and MiiR. Artisan chocolate and Amour Jams. Kalita, Hario, and Bonavita brewers and kettles.

take a tour

We love sharing our passion for coffee with others and showing off our roaster. We’d be happy to give you a tour if you make an appointment.