organic - guatemala

caramel, lime, nougat | 12oz can

roast level



Country Guatemala

Producer ASOPCE

Region Huehuetenango

Altitude 1350-2050 masl

Deep water, deep thinking, deep change. The goal of this coffee is to create common ground to talk about human impact on the environment. Each can of DEEP coffee sold supports the Protect Our Winters (POW) organization. Here at DOMA, we believe business is an opportunity to be a force for good. Like we’ve said before, if you believe climate change isn’t real, you’re going to need something stronger than a good cup of coffee. We ride bikes, hike, swim, and run. We kayak and paddle board and fly fish. We worry about wildfires, floods, droughts, hurricanes, our national parks, the EPA, our civil rights, our civil society

A fully washed coffee from the ASOPCE CO-OP. This coffee tastes great brewed with any method.

Here is a link to Protect Our Winters if you want to check them out: