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We love sharing our passion for coffee with others and showing off our roaster. We’d be happy to give you a tour if you make an appointment.


the roastery

In between the Coffee Lab and the Press Room are the Roastery, Production and Shipping Room, and The Office. Important stuff happens in these places and at the very least, they need to be called out with Capitals. There’s serious work, eclectic music, and a crazy dog. Shake all these areas up in a snow globe and it’s called DOMA Coffee. Welcome.


the press room

We love great design, so it only made sense to have a press room where we could print our coffee bags, cards, rock and roll posters, and private label packaging. In 2010 we started printing all of our kraft bags on a letterpress. That lead us to purchase our own 1932 Chandler Price Press and in 2015 we opened the Press Room. Currently, we print kraft bags, our seasonal coffee releases, private label projects and marketing materials. It’s a beautiful process and hard to put into words — so next time you are by, grab a cup of coffee and we’ll show you where the print magic happens!


will trade coffee for vinyl records

We love vinyl records, and have a couple of systems set up around the Roastery. If you’ve got some vinyl lying around that you no longer listen to, we’re always up for trades. We like a lot of different types of music, but please, no Foghat. Or Black Sabbath 4. The list could go on, but a general rule of thumb is that if it was played on the radio a lot, we probably are not interested. Vinyl needs to be in good condition. You can contact us directly at