Community programs

We love our community and are grateful to be able to partner with some really wonderful organizations in our region.  


The oldest environmental group in Idaho, Kootenai Environmental Alliance (KEA) has been fighting the good fight to perserve and protect the Inland Empire since 1972. We are honored to be a  major sponsor of Junk2Funk, one of KEA's main fundraisers. In order for our environment to be protected, we need to be involved.


DOMA partnered with Bart Mihailovich of Spokane Riverkeeper and along with the creative mind of Chris Dreyer (of Dreyer Press) created "GOOD COFFEE" private label as a fundrasier for this local version of the larger Riverkeeper Association. Since 2011, proceeds from every 12 oz. can of coffee and every pound of coffee sold in bulk go to suport the work of the Spokane Riverkeeper. "Clean water makes good coffee - Keep your river clean and your coffee good". 

In 2009, we created this private label coffee as a fundrasier for our local women's cycling team. It was so popular that, in 2010, we offered this coffee (also an award winning design) to all of our wholesale accounts. Now, 8 years later, La Bicicletta has raised thousands of dollars for our local cycling community. Coeur d'Alene has felt the positive impact of women cyclists in our community. Healthy women = Healthy community.

In 2013, through the sales of La Bicicletta, the cycling community raised over $10,050 in funds for support of an injured friend in the cycling world. The Mark Bender Fundraiser was an amazing example of how strong the cycling community is and people's willingness to support a fellow rider.

In 2017 the program continues to spin along, allowing DOMA to donate to various cycling groups and organizations around the region.

Thank you to everyone who contributes by purchasing La Bicicletta coffee.