Buying Practices

DOMA Coffee Roasting Company offers the finest certified organic, fair trade and direct relationship coffees. We feel that just buying fair trade coffee from a catalog or offering list is not enough.  We take fair trade a step further...

As a member of the green coffee importing collective Cooperative Coffees, we are able to buy coffee directly from the farmers.  This means we are able to establish direct, long term relationships with the communities that grow our coffee.  We pay higher than fair trade prices and give feedback to the farmers to continually increase the quality of their crops. This direct trade relationship provides a solid foundation that benefits us all.

We have partnered with CRS and USAID in the past, and visit the farms that grow our coffee, working with producers to help increase their quality and yields. This ensures that they can produce the best coffee possible and get paid fairly for it.

Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our growers and our customers, while continuing to focus on quality coffee, fair trade and sustainability.