Organic - Tolima

chocolate, raisin, mint


This fully-washed organic Colombian coffee, made up of bourbon, castillo, caturra, colombia, and typica varieties,comes from the Asociacion de Caficultores Indigenas in Tolima, Armenia. This coffee has chocolate aromas, raisin flavors, mint aftertastes, a nippy acidity, a smooth body and a vibrant sweetness. We think this coffee is best served as drip or using a manual brewing device like a Kalita or Chemex but it also makes a pretty nippy and delicious espresso. 

$14.30 (12oz.)
Country Colombia
Co-Op Grower Asociacion de Caficultores Indigenas
Region Tolima
Altitude 1,600 masl
Drip Drip Drip
Roast Level 3
Drip Drip
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