brown sugar, dark chocolate, caramel

This three bean blend is comprised of a fully-washed coffee from Guatemala, a fully-washed coffee from Peru, and a blend of pulped natural and natural coffees from Brazil. Carmela's will have aromas of brown sugar and nut, dark chocolate flavors, aftertastes of caramel and spice, a mild acidity, a smooth body and a balanced sweetness. We've been enjoying this blend as drip or with a French Press lately but that's not to say it wouldn't make a killer espresso because it does.

$13.20 (12oz.)
Country Brazil / Peru / Guatemala
Co-Op Grower Rainha / Centrocafe / San Pedro La Laguna
Region Mogiana / Cajamarca / Atitlan
Altitude Various
Drip Drip Drip
Roast Level 3
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