Business Not as Usual


You may have heard this week that it’s no longer “business as usual” at some of our nation’s biggest companies. Around 200 chief executives—including those from the likes of Apple, Walmart, and Amazon—recently argued that corporations should invest in their employees, deal fairly and ethically with suppliers, and protect the environment.

Why is this radical news? It means the wolves of Wall Street are starting to talk about people before profit. They’re talking about using businesses to become better global citizens. They’re stopping to consider their role in society.

This ranked as big news across the nation, but we were especially psyched to hear about it at DOMA. We’ve always been about “business notas usual”—about putting people, our community, and our environment above profit in every business decision we make.

As the years have shown, this practice has only made our business stronger. We’ve cared for our employees and every person in our business supply chain: our farmers and their land, our customers, our fellow industry members and our carbon footprint. In return, they’ve cared for us. This is how a sustainable community is made.

At the beginning of this year, we chose to highlight the theme “Love People, Love the Planet” in our marketing of the DOMA brand. Not only was this an essential foundation of what we believed the purpose of our company to be—to use it for good (people, planet) and not for evil (pure profit)—but this message felt timelier than ever in an era of climate change and political tension. It’s up to small businesses to get their communities on board and demand better of the corporations that dictate our global economy (and ethics). The seeds are already planted.

So, please do more business notas usual. A culture can change when we show what good a business can—and should—do in the world. It pays off in ways far better than money.

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