Earth Day


In honor of Earth Day, this April we’re highlighting sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Send your responses to the following questions to and we’ll give our favorite answer a prize. Winner gets a DOMA mug, bag of coffee, and honorable mention in the next life.

And, seriously—let’s make Earth Day every day.

1) What unique repurposing ideas do you have for coffee grounds?

2) What are your energy- or water-saving tips when you brew your coffee?

3) What’s your favorite reusable thermos or tumbler for drinking coffee on the go?

4) What efforts toward sustainability do you make in your personal life? In your community?

5) What do you think we should primarily focus on to make the planet a sustainable place for future generations?

Be awesome and love the planet—



[Art by Josh Quick]


A few of our favorite answers:

1: Repurposing Coffee Grounds
Use DOMA coffee grounds as a soap scrub additive or to dye textiles and art paint/stain.
2: Energy/ Water- saving Tips
Cold Brew: I use the same amount of coffee, but the long brew time and cold water produce crazy good flavor and no heat cost.
3: Reusable Thermos
The hydroflask is perfect during the week, as I use it for traveling to work. Once at work, I use a ceramic mug! On the weekends, I enjoy the Zojirushi vacuum insulated mug – jet black. It keeps my DOMA coffee amazingly hot. I’ve enjoyed DOMA coffee while traveling to Great Divide to ski, and it’s perfectly hot during my ride home after skiing for many hours. It’s awesome – Just. Like. DOMA. Coffee. 
4: Sustainable Acts
Recycling. Avoiding plastic. Cooking at home. Low beef consumption. Buy sustainable products through farmer’s markets and locally-owned health food stores.
5: Future
We need to continue to educate our children, friends, family, and communities of the importance of sustainability on our planet. Every single thing we do affects our earth and its (what we eat, how we travel, etc.). We need to keep educating and changing. Personally, I love that companies that are beginning to promote the re-use of their products (like Method – reuse the bottle, and buy the refillable soap). I love that establishments are offering discounts for bringing in a reusable coffee cup or reusable bag. I can imagine a community where it’s OUR responsibility to buy groceries/products without plastic bags. We are certainly spoiled by convenience!
I love this quote by Jane Goodall: You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
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