Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

As some of you know, Jim and I occasionally sit around the DOMA community table and talk about a lot of things. We talk about politics, religion, music, but mostly, coffee. A couple of months ago, I brought up the idea of aging some green coffee in a aged whiskey barrel. One thing lead to another and our friends at Dry Fly Distilling hooked us up with a couple of seasoned oak whiskey barrels for us to try. We were on our way. Somewhere. We  experimented with some different barrels (American oak, different char levels) and chose coffees that would compliment or be enhanced by the process.  We rotated the barrels every day. For those of you that saw us rolling the barrels around, there were green beans in those barrels, I promise.

Will there be more? This is the first in a series of lab experiments where we will take high quality coffee, age the green beans through a new process to create a distinct and unique new flavor profile.

Not for everyone: Lovers of coffee and whiskey and whiskey and coffee.

Why the can? Sealed immediately after roasting, the can preserves the flavor and aroma of this coffee. Believe me, when you pop the top on this one, you’ll be amazed.

What’s it like? As a caffe latte or caffe mocha, the flavors are multi-layered, each layer offering a unique flavor. Tastes like vanilla, butterscotch and the caramelized/burnt sugar on top of crème brulee.

***Although we are currently sold out of this coffee, we have a new batch conditioning right now in a fresh barrel from Dry Fly Distilling.  


$25.00 (12oz.)

This product is sold out.

Country Costa Rica
Co-Op Grower Las Lajas
Region Central Valley
Drip Drip Drip
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