GOOD Coffee

spokane Riverkeeper

clean water makes good coffee

DOMA Coffee Roasting Company and the Spokane Riverkeeeper have partnered together to bring you Good Coffee;  the SPokane Riverkeeper's own private label coffee.  Proceeds from the sales of Good Coffee help fund the work of the Spokane Riverkeeper, who serves as a vigilant guardian of the river and defender of our right to a clean and swimmable Spokane River.


DOMA donates the profits from every can of Good Coffee to the Spokane Riverkeeper.  As a member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance movement, Spokane Riverkeeper's first priority, day-to-day, is to defend the river against pollution and polluters.  


Keep your coffee good:

proceeds from sales of this coffee

Help keep the river clean.


$15.00 (12oz.)

This product is sold out.

Country Mexico / Peru / Colombia
Co-Op Grower Comon / Centrocafe / Apia
Region Chiapas / Cajamarca / Risaralda
Altitude Various
Drip Drip Drip
Roast Level 3
Drip Drip
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